FAQ: Your most common questions and our answers

How can the different functions of an antenna with the same connectors be distinguished?

Following the FAKRA color scale, we use these shrink tubing colors: red for GSM, GPS for Blue, Yellow and White for WLAN, Bluetooth, Wimex. On request we can also use a color code you specify.

What do the designations 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G mean?

Generation descriptions:

  • 2G = 900 and 1800 MHz Band
  • 3G = Quadband + UMTS
  • 4G = Quadband UMTS+LTE
  • 5G = latest generation from about 2020 (the frequencies are not fixed yet).

Do REEL antennas require an additional ground plane?

With the exception of our PCB solutions, all REEL antennas have an internal mass and thus need no further mass to function. Mounting on a plastic or glass surface is possible, but installation on a metallic surface improves performance.

How is the performance in the radiation patterns evaluated?

In order to compare antennas, we introduced our own standard. The cable has a length of 0.60 m without connectors. In the measurements for the general data sheets, an SMA (m) connector is used. Why? In order to calculate the power of an antenna at 900 MHz and a cable length of 3.00 m, you must subtract the cable attenuation pull of 2.4 m from the power at 60 cm (eg. +3 dBi).

An attenuation of 0.5 dB / m results in the following: + 3 dBi - (2.4 x 0.5) = + 1.8 dBi.

Therefore there is an antenna power of +1.8 dBi at 3 m cable length. As once again a connector is used (usually with similar attenuation values), one can ignore this, as it has already been measured.

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