Built-in antennas

Today appliance antennas are installed in many devices, such as smart phones, navigation devices, etc. These antennas are specifically designed for the device, generally serving a mass market.

The challenge:

When using built-in antennas there are many unknown factors. All antennas, without exception, are influenced by their immediate surroundings to varying degrees. While signals are reflected in built-up areas, they’re mostly absorbed in woods and fields. What for moving objects such as trucks is less critical can be a problem for a construction vehicle in the quarry.

An antenna requires space. This means that a minimal distance must be ensured to other components to reduce their influence.

The lower the frequency, the more challenging the task.

Our solution:

Today’s network coverage ensures that the signal transfer for external antennas or externally directed antennas works. Our antennas, with the exception of the M90 and some special models, have an integrated basic plane (ground plane) so that an operation under minimal conditions is usually possible.

The direct environment of a device installation antenna however usually looks different. Electronic components in the immediate environment, batteries, etc. shift the frequency range or absorb power. Likewise housings whose plastic can contain dipoles such as soot.

Your benefits with REELs built-in antennas:

  • Together we’ll find the solution for your requirements
  • We fit the antenna into your device and assure functionality

Involve us as early as possible in your developments! Especially if you need a custom antenna solution. We’ll help answer your questions. Inquire now!

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