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MIMO antennas

MIMO (Multiple Input Multiple Output) refers to a transmission method in which multiple receive and transmit antennas are used for communication. MIMO technology is used in various standards, e.g.:

  • 5G (3.2 GHz to 3.8 GHz)
  • LTE (4G)
  • WLAN 2408 MHz to 2480 MHz
  • WLAN 5150 MHz to 5850 MHz

The method was introduced to receive two data streams radiated separately by the base station at the same time, which ideally doubles the data rate.

REEL offers the possibility to combine the mentioned applications with GPS/GLONASS and/or with FM/DAB+ in one antenna package.

Comparison of MIMO antennas vs. two single antennas

However, due to the spatial proximity of the antennas in one housing, overlapping can occur. In this case, the data rate is reduced because the receiver has to detect both data streams separately and separate them cleanly for further processing. By cleverly combining two separate antennas, you can take advantage of all the benefits of MIMO, because the spatial separation of the antennas can significantly reduce overlaps, which has a positive effect on the data rate. In contrast to the MIMO antenna, this can be significantly higher. Ideally, the antennas are 90° phase-shifted and mounted at a distance of 10 times the wavelength from each other. The advantage of the MIMO antenna is that it is easier to install at lower cost. Cable laying is also usually less complex.

1st generation: MIMO antennas

It is a challenge to develop a MIMO antenna with the possible features MIMO 5G/4G and/or WLAN 2.4 and 5.3 GHz as well as all navigation services. The design should be as small as possible and still ensure a wide range of applications.

Therefore, we introduced the assembly technique of ultrasonic welding, which is new for us. This made it possible to cover the increased space requirements at the same time and still maintain the construction standard of the roof housing "70" (thread M16x1.5).


2nd generation: MIMO antennas

To ensure that the constantly increasing data streams can continue to be handled, the available bandwidth must be further increased. This is done on the one hand with additional frequency bands (5G) but on the other hand also with more and more antennas operated in parallel.

Accordingly, REEL GmbH has developed an antenna housing that can map the features of 2-fold MIMO 5G/4G and/or WLAN 2.4 and 5.3 GHz. The platform technology of the single MIMO antenna was used. Only the structure and the raised housing cover had to be newly developed. For the combination of the functions, the proven modular system of REEL GmbH can be used.

MIMO Antenna - 2nd gen

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