Window, desk and magnetic mount antennas

The development steps to the 4th generation, the new highlight with all the advantages of our roof mount antenna: it combines modern antenna technology with different mounting techniques. That is, the same electrical and aerial technical design can be offered in different assembly variants. All antennas can be equipped and assembled using the different components of our modular system. Installation for window and desk mounting antennas is by means of acrylate adhesive pads supplied. REEL has been making window antennas since 1998. They have been continuously developed and adapted to meet new challenges. All antennas are still available today with the internal antenna radiators.

1st generation Antennas

Our first antenna is still available, in the housing 90W. The characteristics are as follows:

  • This window antenna handles all common mobile frequencies including UMTS (3G)
  • A solution with LTE (4G) will be available from the 3rd quarter 2016
  • in the waterproof version, this antenna is suitable - because of the large bandwidth - to be installed in a road surface or in fields, forests and meadows for linking environmental monitoring stations, wells, valves and for meters below manhole covers

2nd generation antennas

The 2nd generation is offered in the housings 60 D and W. We heeded the call for smaller antennas. Due to the smaller, flat design and associated cable management, performance of this antenna was about 1 dB to 2 dB under that of the roof mounting antenna from 2003. This antenna has evolved to 4G.

3rd generation antennas

The 3rd generation followed a little later, in a sense, the 2nd generation in a new gray housing: 60D_WP, 60W_WP, 60M.

4th generation antennas

A new housing was developed for the 4th generation which allows the optimal cable management for all installations of roof mounted antennas. The housing 70 D, W and M are protected as registered designs. Their characteristics are as follows:

  • All antennas are equipped with the same features as the roof mounting antennas
  • Guaranteed waterproof by ultrasonic welding
  • For MIMO applications these antennas can be combined perfectly with the roof assembly antenna, i.e. LTE, GPS / GLONASS, WiFi on the roof and on the glass only LTE and WLAN
  • these antennas are available for installation in buses since September 2016 flame retardant according to ECE-R118 lieferbar
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