Cable assemblies

Within our range of cables and connectors, we offer high-quality, customised cable assemblies.

High-quality cables are essential for each antenna, representing potentially the 'weakest link in a chain' within the product. Use of a high-quality cable with an inferior antenna won’t improve it, but an inferior cable can severely limit a good antenna with respect to attenuation, ripple, environmental function and service life.

For this reason REEL maintains control over the entire supply chain. Our cables, with a few exceptions, are made in our subsidiary in Romania. All tools, equipment and production materials are provided and delivered exclusively by us. Manufacturing is handled there by a constant employee team that is trained regularly by our production specialists. Needless to say, this subsidiary is ISO certified.


All the cables we use are flame-retardant according to ECE-R 118 (see certificate from TÜV Süd) and are principally made of LSZH – Low Smoke, Zero Halogen – (halogen-free plastics).

Currently, we offer the following cables:

  • single RG174, standard or super low loss
  • dual RG174, standard or super low loss

LSZH and PVC cables

Our cables used in LANs (local area networks), WANs (wide area networks) etc. meet the European LSZH specification. The IEC 60332-1 standard defines the burning behavior and fire propagation in halogen-free cable.

What is the difference between PVC and LSZH cables?

Physically considered, PVC and halogen-free cables are very different. PVC patch cables are very soft. Halogen-free patch cables on the other hand are more rigid, since they contain a flame retardant compound, and are more aesthetically pleasing.

A PVC cable (polyvinyl chloride) has a shell which releases toxic black smoke, hydrochloric acid and other toxic gases in the event of fire. Low Smoke, Zero Halogen (LSZH) cables consist of a flame retardant compound which does not generate toxic fumes when on fire.

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