About us

REEL Reinheimer Elektronik GmbH is a renowned and reputable manufacturer of customer specific antenna systems. Their fields of application are as diverse as our customers looking for individual solutions. With over 20 employees at 2 locations, we’ve been producing compelling and innovative quality products since 1994. In order to meet all customer requirements, we have developed a flexible and expandable modular system for antenna solutions with extensive combinations. Our patented in-house developments, housing types and board solutions and a comprehensive selection of connectors, cables and jacks enable us to produce even small quantities to order at a reasonable price. All components are available from stock, so that the desired products can be made immediately. For all industries, especially in the sector of agricultural and construction machinery, REEL offers convenient solutions for optimal connection of systems. Our quality and logistics management systems guarantee you the highest quality products and reliable delivery. Test us – you won’t be disappointed!

Our Philosophy

Customer satisfaction is our top priority. All our processes are geared to realising high product quality and durability. In this way we offer products which can be considered very cost effective in the long term and contribute directly to the conservation of environmental resources.

REEL constantly invests in product and service development in order to provide high-quality antenna solutions to meet the technical challenges of our times. Our customers are always our point of reference, because they provide the aspiration to build exactly what each customer needs.

This makes an open and fair relationship with all suppliers and partners a requirement. This close cooperation enables us to react and resolve even the smallest deviations from the original order. Failure rates and possible additional costs due to faulty materials or other factors can thus be minimized.

We are aware that we can only develop high quality and innovative products through the interaction of content suppliers, partners and employees our high standards. The well-being of our employees is of primary concern to us. And thus creating the best possible working conditions by flat hierarchies, ergonomic work stations, modern soldering fume extraction systems and 2x per week yoga during working hours belong to our practiced standards.

„Our aim: to build each customer exactly what he needs!“
Hans-Jörg Reinheimer, Managing Director

More questions? Just call +49 (0) 6441 - 671410 or e-mail info@reel-gmbh.de.